Welcome to CT Church; where we saved a seat for you. CT Church is a dynamic fellowship that meets you right where you are. Join us this week for one of our relevant, life-changing services.

When are the worship services?
SUNDAYS 9 & 11AM - English Service
SUNDAYS 9 & 11AM - (9am Spanish, 11am Bilingual)

CT Church is located in the south part of Houston, Texas, near Almeda Mall. CT Church is located off of Almeda Genoa Road west of Highway 45.



How do I get connected to CT Church?

We want every person to become an active part of the ministry here at CT Church. We believe that the church is a body with many different parts and members that work together to do great things for God.

We want to help you find your place here at CT Church.

  1. CLICK HERE or click the button below to complete the GET CONNECTED form. This form will ask for information on where you would like to get involved.